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Aerial Technics

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Orthophotos Features

Orthophotos are aerial photos that have been geometrically corrected such that the scale is uniform, having each pixel an associated geographic coordinate. Orthophotos have the same lack of distortion as maps, so they are an accurate representation of the Earth's surface that can be used to measure distances.

Using photogrammetric software we can rectify the aerial images acquired with our UAV systems and merge them in order to create image mosaics of the desired area of interest.

Using calibrated digital cameras we can obtain high resolution orthophotos with lower cost and higher flexibility than conventional aerial systems such as manned aircraft or satellites. One of the main features is the high repeatability, being able to perform multiple flights in the same place without a substantial increase in the total cost. Thanks to this orthophotos can be used in a huge range of applications

Range Of Applications:



Civil works.


Forestry and environmental studies.

And More...